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    Melissa Archer created the role of One Life to Live's Natalie in July 2001. It didn't take long for Natalie to shake up one of Llanview's most prominent families when she revealed that she, not Jessica, was Viki's daughter. In late 2002 the family was in for another surprise when they discovered that Natalie and Jessica were twins.

    Melissa was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She landed her first major acting role on Wishbone at the age of 17, while she was still in high school. After completing high school, she followed her acting dreams to Los Angeles and began auditioning.

    In 2015 she formed a production company with friends and Produced and Starred in their first project together, "Viral." She was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy in the 2016 Indie Series Awards for her role in Viral. 

    Melissa enjoys Jailbreaking iOS, fixing iPhones and iPads, inventing, writing, producing, learning, Krav Maga and Hacker's Brew.